QR Codes on Business Cards

by businesscardgeek

Some might say the business card is on the decline, but with the creative implementation of the QR code on these business cards, the digital can be combined effectively with the physical act of meeting and greeting with someone.

Here is a list of the most creative business cards found on the web;

Drew Hornebein

Creating a QR code with the logo of your company sitting behind it is a challenge as well as an achievement, this is certain to catch the eye of a prospected client or employer.

Barefoot Media

If the company is all about links, then surely paper links are just as important.

Mark Heatley

If you are in the digital industry, what better way of attracting similar batch of people than creating a QR code to attract people.

Grandpa George

Why not mix the old with the new?


As a novel way of introducing all the social media properties as it gives an easy way of saving the information for people who may usually be a bit lazy when it comes to saving information.

Dan Jones

Lego and QR codes, the perfect combination

Augmented Reality

It is not just the QR Codes that are the height of interaction, but animated augmented reality is a new way to transmit a message to your audience.


QR Codes make it easier for the audience to find you digitally, and in the ever growing reliance on having a digital platform to promote yourself, this is just one form of attack to help you stand out from the competition.