Vintage Business Cards

by businesscardgeek

In the digital world that we live in, it seems somewhat of a juxtaposition in the increasing popularity of vintage styles and sensibilities. In a digital age where a lot of the information about a person can be found online, vintage styles no longer are perceived as old fashioned or tired, they are at the forefront of design and will continue to grow in popularity.

Here are some of the methods used to achieve vintage business cards;

1.       Black and White

The look of a black and white printed business card can look either plain and boring, or vintage and accessible, great for replicating the images used in still pictures at the turn of the 19th century. When combined with vintage type face and coarse paper this can be a simple but effective method of achieving a vintage look.

 2.       Stained

Using staining can give the look of vintage, but will also give business cards a slightly different look and feel, hopefully instilling a sense of individuality and creating an immediate bond with the potential associate, business partner or customer.

 3.       Commemorative Designs

Designing a business card that pays homage to times gone buy is great to inspire reminiscence among the clientele receiving the card, especially if your brand conveys a sense of nostalgia. American Diner style restaurants are great for this.

4.       Vintage Printing

There are styles, type faces, and designs that automatically instil the vintage look, much like some of these old style cards that you can take inspiration from.