Top 20 Creative Business Cards

by businesscardgeek

Making An Impact With Your Business Card

Networking is not for everyone. Some people prefer to let actions speak louder than words and creative business cards allow us to do just that. We’ve all experienced that awkward situation,  the kind where you exchange a little small talk with somebody and eventually when it appears as though the end of the conversation is nearing, you shuffle uncomfortably, feeling obliged to remain polite and offer this fledgling new relationship some future by handing over your business card. Well, whether you’re a social hermit who would rather let their card do the talking or you’re the consummate professional who believes that first impressions are everything, this list of creative business cards will give you all the motivation you need to unleash that artistic part of your brain and make your own business cards. Remember, you’re not bound by a world rectangles and bullet points. You have the freedom to make an impact without speaking a word. It’s just you and a blank canvas with the opportunity to share your details and art with the world. Let’s now get to know those who have made such an impression that their efforts have resonated throughout the world and they now hold their place amongst the business card elite!

1: Marriage Counselling Business Card

Ramesh Sharma Marriage Counselling Business Card
A lighthearted attempt by Ramesh Sharma in taking the sting out of marriage breakdowns. Fun, tongue in cheek and memorable. Genius.

2: Emerson Taymor – Designer

Emerson Taylor Creative Pop Up Business Card

You might be wondering “Who Is Emerson Taymor?”, don’t worry we thought the same. All we know is he is a designer, lives somewhere in California and is responsible for one of the coolest business cards we have seen. Creating a miniature cut out of yourself might not be suitable for every business, but it just goes to prove that sometimes it’s not what’s on the page that counts, but what you get out of it that matters.

3: Google Me!

Google Search Result Business Card

A little geeky? Sure. Fun? Certainly. Memorable? Without doubt. As Google continues to dominate our lives you may hear more and more people saying ‘Google me’. Well, with this card, they won’t have to!

4: Lego Business Card

Lego Business Card

What a cute, intelligent way of maintaining your brand exposure. Lego got it right by giving their staff member mini Lego characters with printed contact details. Maybe not ideal for carrying around in your bag but proof that you can be creative without being a square. Well actually…

5: Lockpick Business Card

Lockpick Creative Business Card

Another great tongue in cheek attempt from a security consulting company, getting their point across rather bluntly with a series of cut out lock picks. Just don’t go stealing their idea. Ahem.

6: Lawn and Property Enhancement

Lush Property Enhancement Business Card

What a great way to make an impact whilst keeping things green! Lush lawn and property enhancement plant the seeds of their services quite literally.

7: The Second Hand Store

Creative Business Card For a Second Hand Store

Another simplistic but incredibly creative idea which gets the point across straight away. This goes to prove it’s all about knowing your customer.

8: The Work-Out Business Card

Stretchy Business Card For A Personal TrainerThe key to this is interaction. As soon as you have got someone saying “What Is This?”, you’ve got a potential client. Go that extra mile.

9: Acupuncturist’s Business Card

Creative Business Card For An AcupuncturistThis Acupuncturist gets their point across by etching out their name.

10: Edible Business Cards

Edible Creative Business Card

You know that cartoon paper you enjoyed on top of cupcakes as a kid? This guy obviously couldn’t let go and has made his business cards a casual snack. Not sure of the relevance to this one but still a great way to get noticed.

11: DJ Business Card

DJ Turntable Business CardAnother great use of user interaction. The card allows you to try your hand at scratching, albeit at a miniature level and without the music. Still, a great concept.

12: Facebook Me!

Facebook Business CardAnother one that geeks will love! Maybe that’s a little harsh as this business card is actually quite clever. What better way to capture people’s attention than to use an interface that most of the world is familiar with. We like.

13: Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor Creative Business Card

Humour is another great way to remain memorable and though the novelty of pretending your fingers is a tiny pair of legs may wear off quickly, it’s fun whilst it lasts.

14: Cassette Business Card

Creative Cassette Business Card

A throw back to the old school and with a touch of quality about it. This quirky business card also comes with the cassette holder as a business card holder. Brilliant.

15: That Awkward Moment Business Card

Creative Business Card With Ice Breaking Phrases On The Back

We referred to it back in our introduction, that strange conversation you have when you first meet or network with someone. Well what a great way to break the awkwardness with a little joke. Great use of double sided business cards and a perfect way to avoid #thatawkwardmoment.

16: The Laptop Business Card

Creative Laptop Business Card

A few lessons to be learned from this card. 1: Folding cards are cool and give you more room for making an impression. 2: Sticking with familiar items or branding is a great way to get noticed!

17: Bentley

Bentley Creative Business CardYou want your business card to reflect the ethos of your brand, right? Well Bentley did just that with a solid, classy, brushed steel business card. Flawless.

18: The Bike Shop Business Card

Creative business card and multi purpose tool from a Bike Shop

A great way to ensure that your business card isn’t just thrown into the trash is if you make it useful. This bike technician doubled up his business card as a multi purpose tool. Handy.

19: Hair Comb Business Card

Hair Comb Creative Business Card

Another example of  how to stay in someone purse or bag. This hair comb will no doubt come in handy every time a lady (or gentleman) is in a rush for work and wants to smarten up before reaching the office.

20: Studios Aqua Business Card

Studios Aqua Creative Buisiness Card

This sells itself purely based on fun, eye catching design. A great use of cutting techniques and a card that would instantly attract a potential client.

So there we have it, this list is in no way definitive as there are plenty of great business card designs being produced every day. But it should help spark a few ideas and enable you to go away and think about how you want to present your business to make sure that first impression is a lasting one.